Lease Search Notes and Disclaimer

The Division of Leasing Management, a division of the Alabama Department of Finance, maintains a database of all Executive Branch real estate leases processed through our office. Web access to this data is available through an application called "Lease Search."

Notes regarding lease data and Lease Search:

  • To keep Lease Search functionally simple, not all data regarding a lease is displayed; however, it is readily available and can be provided upon request. 
  • The cost data displayed in Lease Search is the "Base Rent" plus "Operating Expenses" (if applicable) being paid today and does not reflect any future increases, special payments, or "additional rental payments" that may be stipulated in a lease. 
  • "Pending Leases" - The database includes some leases for buildings or building spaces that are being constructed or renovated, but not yet occupied by an agency.  For such leases, "pending" is displayed instead of a square foot figure in the Lease Search. 
  • "Non-building" Leases - There are leases in the database for properties that are unassociated with typical "building space," such as mini-warehouse space, boat storage, broadcasting tower sites, land for bulk storage, etc. For these "non-building" leases, "0" is displayed as the square foot figure in the Lease Search.
  • "Pending" and "Non-Building" leases are excluded from calculations in the Lease Search.
  • There are some leases for which street addresses are not displayed to avoid compromising sensitive operations.
  • Lease Search is based on data that is updated frequently, so results from searches made at different times may vary.

If you would like additional information regarding a lease, please contact our office using the information provided at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer as to Accuracy of Data

The Division of Leasing Management makes every effort to provide accurate, current and reliable information in this Lease Search application; however, the State of Alabama cannot guarantee that the information contained in the Lease Search database will be error-free. Therefore, the user of this data does so at their own risk.